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Hey guys!

I’m selling a lot of my cute gently used clothes on It’s a great site where you can buy and sell previously owned clothes, accessories and shoes.

Why not clean out your closet and sell some of your gently used items? It’s a great way to start off the new year!

So if you love Free People, Kimchi & Blue, Michael Kors, C&C California, Silence + Noise, and Romeo & Juilet Couture then hurry to, sign up for a free account and check out my page here!

Happy New Year!
Xoxo Kristen


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Packing up: The move from thriftadelphia.

The end of the school year always fills me with conflicting emotions. Am I happy for classes to be over? Yes. Happy to be able to see my high school friends everyday? Of course. Happy to be moving home with Mom and Dad? Negative. What about working long hours in 90 degree weather for almost no money? Heck no. All of a sudden mandatory twice a week blog posts don’t seem so bad.

Even with all that circulating in my head, I’m always impressed with the amount I have grown throughout the year. Not to get too sentimental on a a blog about consignment shopping, but I am incredibly happy with the way this daunting project turned out. At the start of this blogging assignment I was prepared to drop the class or discover a new hatred for writing; but to my surprise I stuck it out, had a little fun, and declared a journalism minor in the process.

While working on this blog I have met some wonderful people, learned that every little shop has it’s own story, and most importantly I realized that no two stores are alike. I also have a new-found respect for successful bloggers—it’s not an easy job and they don’t get the credit they deserve.

So where does the end of the semester leave me as a blogger? Unfortunately this marks the end of thriftadelphia. Though I’ve enjoyed my time with this blog, I will be out of South Jersey for the summer and, well, this is a blog about South Jersey consignment shopping!

For those of you who are deeply saddened by that statement (Mom…), I do intend on starting a new blog this summer about budget fashion, recreating celebrity looks for less, and of course a little consignment shopping! So check up on thriftadelphia periodically this summer to see if I’ve posted a link to the new blog. In the meantime be sure to check out some of my favorite stores!

Plato’s Closet

Greene Street Consignment

The Wardrobe Boutique

Bella Boutique

Buffalo Exchange

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Behind the Buy: Everything you need to know about selling your clothes at Plato’s Closet in Deptford.

If you love the idea of instant cash but think selling clothes to a consignment shop feels a little too much like judgment day, then keep reading! The manager of Plato’s Closet in Deptford, Jen Lynch, takes us through their buying process, reveals the systematic approach that goes into every buy, and shows us that selling our clothes at Plato’s Closet isn’t so scary after all.

Know before you go!

The first thing you need to know before selling your clothes at Plato’s Closet is that they are a corporate store, meaning there are written rules that the employees have to follow when buying from customers.

The second thing you need to remember is to not take anything personally! Store manager, Jen, explains, “People get so upset and I totally understand why they do, because the way that you present yourself to the world is through the clothes you wear. And if you bring those clothes to somebody and they’re telling you ‘no’ that’s kind of like saying, ‘well your clothes suck and so do you.’ Nobody wants to hear that.”

Always keep in mind that the associate is not there to make fun of your items or personal style; they simply must take a very particular approach when deciding if an item is worth buying. “You never wake up in the morning and lay your shirt out, fold it flat, check the hems for little holes, then double check for little stains. You don’t do that when you get dressed in the morning, I know I don’t! But that’s what we have to do here for every single thing we take, so stuff that you would never even notice is stuff that we have to pass on.”

The third thing to remember is to do your research! Like any project you take on, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into so that you are well prepared. If you know what the store is currently in need of, the chance of leaving with a pocket full of cash is looking pretty good.

The Big 3

Plato’s Closet looks for three main things when you are selling items to them. The first thing is that the item must be in good shape (no rips, stains, or fading) and is freshly washed. The item needs to be ready-to-wear in order for them to put it out on the sales floor.

The second factor, which happens to be a corporate rule, is that the item has to have been in the stores within the last year to a year and a half. “The way that we check is through the tags in the clothing,” says Jen. “Corporate sends us a lot of pictures for every brand of all their most current tags, and they label them hot, warm, and cold.” The hot labels are the most current ones that are out in the stores right now. Warm labels are items that are still fairly current, but just a little older than what the store is looking for. However, in instances when their inventory is looking a little low they will accept a “warm” item that is absolutely fabulous and in great condition. Cold tags are much older, and they are advised not to buy them.

The third and most crucial thing they look for are styles that sell well. Unlike most consignment shops that make you wait until your item is sold to receive a profit, Plato’s Closet gives you cash right away for your clothing. Because of this it is extremely important that they are taking styles and brands that have been selling well in order to create a successful inventory for their shoppers. If an item in the store is on clearance and has been for a while, it is unlikely that they will buy a similar style again.

If all this seems like too much information to remember, Jen offers some suggestions on making the selling process a bit easier!

(Fun fact: The displays currently at Plato’s Closet, Deptford are based on the religious spring festival celebrated by the Hindus. The brightly colored clothing, accessories, and paint jars represent the Hindu ritual of throwing colored and scented water and wearing colorful powder on their bodies.)

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Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a trendy chain thrift store with many locations in various states. The Philadelphia Buffalo Exchange is located at 1713 Chestnut Street, specifically west of 17th street and north of Rittenhouse Square. The store hours are Monday–Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Buffalo Exchange is one of my favorite second hand stores for their merchandise (obviously), but I also love the layout and decor of the store. The Philadelphia store is currently accepting admissions from local artists to have their art shown and displayed in the store, which is a great way to gain exposure. If you are an artist you may want to check this out! They always have postings on their bulletin describing items they are looking to buy, upcoming events, and fun contests like this one!

Their inventory includes designer labels (Burberry, Lacoste, Gucci, D&G, etc.), vintage, jeans, leather, current basics and one-of-a-kind items. But you’ll also find brand new merchandise and accessories. There is tons of Free People, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Michael Stars and Splendid, too.

Their prices range widely depending on the label, style, and condition, but many items average around $15. Designer jeans are higher in price, but are still priced far lower than retail. They are bit picky about what they will accept, so if you are looking to sell some clothes I would recommend calling the store first to see what items they are currently looking for. This isn’t a bad thing though, because at least you know the items you find at BE are up to date and in style!

Currently the Philadelphia location is accepting men’s tees, shirts, pants, shorts, shoes and hats. For women they are in need of  blouses, tees, tanks, dresses, plus size, pants, shorts and handbags. They are looking primarily for spring/summer items and great basics that can be worn year-round.

F.Y.I.- This Buffalo Exchange location will be closed Easter Sunday!

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An Evening of Style at My Sister’s Closet!

Learn how to dress your body on Friday April 22 at 6:00 p.m. at My Sister’s Closet Consignment Boutique in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania!

Seignoret Image Consulting Services will help you gain the confidence to look and feel fabulous at their “Evening of Style” hosted by My Sister’s Closet. This event is for both men and women and is totally free (which I love), all you need to do is RSVP to reserve your space.

According to the listing, An Evening of Style will teach you how to “dress for your body, discover how to look 2 sizes smaller in minutes, learn how to make your wardrobe a room of inspiration, discover how to shop in half the time, and always leave the store with something that looks fabulous!” This event aims to show you that the key to great style is not about having the perfect body or spending thousands of dollars on designer outfits, but about finding styles that emphasize your best features.

Seignoret Image Consulting Services is a company with a high caliber of caring for the style and wardrobe needs of individuals, families, corporations, executives, entrepreneurs and entertainment professionals.With over 10 years of experience and training to help you define and/or refine your image, Roxanne Seignoret-Hendley is fueled by her passion to reenergize her clients’ wardrobes.

If this event sounds like something you would be interested in, click on the RSVP link above or call My Sister’s Closet Consignment Boutique for further details  610-803-2761.

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Know where to go—a map of Thriftadelphia.

As per request I have provided my readers with a “Thrift List” which can be found at the top right of the page. There you will find a list of my favorite consignment shops that I have featured and some that I intend to blog about in the very near future. In addition to the Thrift List, I have decided to provide you with a map of thriftadelphia. Places I have visited and blogged about are marked with a pink thumbtack, stores that I have not yet talked about are teal. So if you happen to be embarking on a day of thrifting (and since the weather is nice, I recommend it!), you can see which shops are near one another and plan your day accordingly!

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Second to None Consignment in Marlton, New Jersey.

Second to None Consignment Boutique is located in Marlton, New Jersey. Most of their merchandise caters to a sophisticated conservative personal style, with brands ranging from Ann Taylor Loft to Michael Kors. There were some labels like Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson and Forever21 hidden throughout the store, but let’s just say if you need an awesome blazer or a pair of Tahari slacks this is the place to go. Since I have an unhealthy obsession with blazers and anything from the Loft, I had a field day.

The accessories selection is more fun, with a lot of handbags and jewelery. All of the jewelery items at Second to None are brand new with tags, which appeals to me because I am not a fan of earrings that have been previously worn.

The most original thing about this store was their “Date Days” promotion. Each item in the store has a tag that tells you the size and price of the item, but it also has the date in which the item was sold to the store, tagged, and placed on the rack. If you look at the date on the item and it was 30 days ago, you get 20% off of the item. If the date is more than 60 days ago, you get 50% off! I thought that was a cute and clever way to push their items and to make sure something is not sitting on the racks for months and months, becoming outdated.

I didn’t buy anything from Second to None mostly because my blazer collection is bulging. However, if you are about start student teaching or going on internship interviews and need a nice pair of slacks, check out this store! They have a great selection of “young professional” clothing. The store may seem “old” to some, but if you are in the area why not stop in? You never know what you’ll find!

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