The Goodwill Store in Glassboro, NJ.

You might be surprised by the little treasures that are hidden inside your local Goodwill Store. The Goodwill is not usually associated with name-brands, but if you are in search of a unique name-less piece with a lot of history—this is your store.  At this specific Goodwill, the only recognizable tag I have come across is Mossimo from Target (who doesn’t love Target), but each Goodwill has a different type of merchandise depending on the area it is located.

My love for the Goodwill began last year when I was on the hunt for some cute t-shirts that didn’t cost $20. They carry some of the best “vintage” t-shirts that are in great condition for around $2 each. Once I got over my initial shock of purchasing “used” t-shirts (the best t-shirts are always in the men’s section), I wandered into the women’s department where I immediately fell in love with the quirky jackets and dresses hanging on the racks.

Though the Goodwill is not known for it’s welcoming decor, you can really find some interesting items if you try hard enough. My good friend, Ashleigh, recently picked up a pair of mint condition leather Bass boat shoes, an adorable straw fedora, and a few mugs for her apartment!

There is not much to say about the Goodwill as they are all different. My biggest piece of advice to you is be patient, don’t have high expectations, and most importantly have fun! I guarantee you can find something, clothing or not, that will brighten your day!


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