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Check out my online store at!

Hey guys!

I’m selling a lot of my cute gently used clothes on It’s a great site where you can buy and sell previously owned clothes, accessories and shoes.

Why not clean out your closet and sell some of your gently used items? It’s a great way to start off the new year!

So if you love Free People, Kimchi & Blue, Michael Kors, C&C California, Silence + Noise, and Romeo & Juilet Couture then hurry to, sign up for a free account and check out my page here!

Happy New Year!
Xoxo Kristen


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Packing up: The move from thriftadelphia.

The end of the school year always fills me with conflicting emotions. Am I happy for classes to be over? Yes. Happy to be able to see my high school friends everyday? Of course. Happy to be moving home with Mom and Dad? Negative. What about working long hours in 90 degree weather for almost no money? Heck no. All of a sudden mandatory twice a week blog posts don’t seem so bad.

Even with all that circulating in my head, I’m always impressed with the amount I have grown throughout the year. Not to get too sentimental on a a blog about consignment shopping, but I am incredibly happy with the way this daunting project turned out. At the start of this blogging assignment I was prepared to drop the class or discover a new hatred for writing; but to my surprise I stuck it out, had a little fun, and declared a journalism minor in the process.

While working on this blog I have met some wonderful people, learned that every little shop has it’s own story, and most importantly I realized that no two stores are alike. I also have a new-found respect for successful bloggers—it’s not an easy job and they don’t get the credit they deserve.

So where does the end of the semester leave me as a blogger? Unfortunately this marks the end of thriftadelphia. Though I’ve enjoyed my time with this blog, I will be out of South Jersey for the summer and, well, this is a blog about South Jersey consignment shopping!

For those of you who are deeply saddened by that statement (Mom…), I do intend on starting a new blog this summer about budget fashion, recreating celebrity looks for less, and of course a little consignment shopping! So check up on thriftadelphia periodically this summer to see if I’ve posted a link to the new blog. In the meantime be sure to check out some of my favorite stores!

Plato’s Closet

Greene Street Consignment

The Wardrobe Boutique

Bella Boutique

Buffalo Exchange

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Non-profit thrifting: An Interview with Rachel Cleary from the Durand Thrift Store.

Each thrift store is unique and tells its own story, but sometimes you come across one that is really special. The Durand Thrift Store in Woodbury, New Jersey is one of those special places. The non-profit Durand Thrift Store has been open since October 2008 and sells everything from clothing to homeware. Listen to what sales associate, Rachel Cleary, has to say about working at the store.

To learn more about the foundation and the store visit their site.


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